Saturday, August 25, 2012

An Individual on The Magic Bus.

This is from notes I made on January 26, 2012

Someone presented themselves as distinct. Not Lyn, not Carolyn. (Turns out, not Wolf, caro, Celyn, Angel or Grace, either.) Says the name Luna is okay. Gender undetermined, but leans toward rough feminine.

Black clothes, this body okay, t-shirt and pants/jeans/piercings (nostril, body), tats, colored hair. Gothish, Evanescence, (the color) red, black eyeliner maybe, but no other makeup, _feeling_ music, capable, smart, wants to club with peter or some chick but not alone. People watcher.

Not BDSM/leather, other than maybe collar, bracelet. Boots, black, thick sole. Wicked. Full of dark life. Not violent.

Clothing taste and sensibilities far from necessary (usual) regular front so gets “sifted out” (Pete’s words) a lot.

Complains but doesn’t leap to fixes. (Cynical) Truthful. Philosphical. Beat poetry. (Is there bohemian goth?) Nonsexual clothing.

May have dominated, may not have.

Hangs about with Angel and Wolf, sort of to the back left of Angel’s “throne”.

Sie likes Ozzy Ozbourne and Alice Cooper, Seether, etc.

(Peter Smith: Yeah, i'd expect goth metal more than gothic rock.)

Smokes cigarettes. (Considering quitting.)

Accepts this picture as sort of a representation.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Transgender, War Wounds, and 3D printing

First, I saw an article about Emma's Magic Arms (Google it - no spoon-fed link here!), a 3D printed device. That started me browsing.

While browsing around  I saw an article about how combat veterans with genital wounds are having a hard time getting help starting a family.

Then on a page I saw an article about Lana Wachowski, which led me to Chaz Bono, which led me to an article in which he was talking about surgery. He is happy with his chest surgery (and it looks great) but is hesitant about bottom surgery.

Yes, for those who don't know, bottom surgery when talking about sex reassignment surgery refers to changing the male genitals to female, or vice versa.

While the techniques for MTF are honed and create vaginas that work well and look well within the range of a born-women, techniques for FTM are not quite so great yet. Primarily, this is because it's easier to remove parts of the body than it is to create more body parts. That extra flesh and tissue has to come from somewhere - and that would be either the forearm or the thigh of the patient. This leaves ugly scarring, to say the least.

Then my thoughts all came together as I remembered a TED talk about 3D printing tissue. Living, growing body tissue from the stem cells of the person this tissue would be used for. This would eliminate issue of graft rejection for covering wounds, burn treatment, etc. And ....

What about phalloplasty? I'm not being flippant when I say we could print penises ... we really could! Without requiring any extra skin off the patient. Great not only for FTM but for the wounded, the congenitally deformed, etc.

I'm excited about the possibilities for tissue printing.

(Yes, we could go into "be happy with your body" and love yourself. There is a lot of trauma involved in losing one's genitals to injury as well as not having the ones you feel you should have been born with. Let's not go there in this post.)

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Posting from mobile before bed.

We will see if this works!


October 11 is National Coming Out Day

(Yes, I know it's August at time of posting.)

By now, my readers probably know that I'm not exactly straight. I'm not homosexual, either. I choose not to label myself because I am far too complex for labels. 

If I date a woman, am I in a lesbian relationship? What if the primary one interested in her is a male entity in my head? Does it become heterosexual then?

You get the idea. 

I discovered this word tonight: pomosexual.

Basically, someone who avoids sexual orientation labels. That'd be me. 

I found this article very interesting and pertinent to this post:

I bring this up to give folks insight as to why I am pro-marriage rights that DO NOT exclude anyone regardless of biological sex or gender expression. Heck, I poke at any sort of sexual orientation discrimination and hatred.